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Study Time by Language

Description Minutes spent % of total
Italian 5527 (92h7) 100.0%

Log Entries

Date Language Description
2015-03-12 Italian 79min of MichelThomas
2015-03-12 Italian 45min of Lesson
2015-03-10 Italian 37min of Busuu
2015-03-10 Italian 148min of Linguaphone
2015-03-09 Italian 120min of Linguaphone
2015-03-09 Italian 130min of Linguaphone
2015-03-09 Italian 27min of TV
2015-03-09 Italian 15min of Reading
2015-03-08 Italian 48min of Linguaphone
2015-03-08 Italian 37min of Linguaphone
2015-03-08 Italian 5min of Lang8
2015-03-08 Italian 25min of Writing
2015-03-08 Italian 50min of Duolingo
2015-03-08 Italian 47min of Linguaphone
2015-03-07 Italian 40min of Reading
2015-03-07 Italian 40min of Duolingo
2015-03-07 Italian 33min of Duolingo
2015-03-07 Italian 43min of Linguaphone
2015-03-07 Italian 95min of Duolingo
2015-03-07 Italian 58min of Linguaphone
2015-03-07 Italian 20min of Writing
2015-03-07 Italian 65min of Grammar
2015-03-07 Italian 70min of Grammar
2015-03-07 Italian 130min of Anki
2015-03-06 Italian 30min of Reading
2015-03-06 Italian 20min of Drills
2015-03-06 Italian 40min of Duolingo
2015-03-06 Italian 30min of Lang8
2015-03-06 Italian 49min of Listening
2015-03-05 Italian 50min of Linguaphone
2015-03-05 Italian 90min of Grammar
2015-03-04 Italian 45min of Lang8
2015-03-04 Italian 120min of Linguaphone
2015-03-04 Italian 45min of Linguaphone
2015-03-04 Italian 30min of Assimil
2015-03-04 Italian 50min of MichelThomas
2015-03-02 Italian 30min of Lang8
2015-03-02 Italian 45min of Reading
2015-03-01 Italian 45min of MichelThomas
2015-03-01 Italian 10min of Duolingo
2015-03-01 Italian 30min of MichelThomas
2015-02-28 Italian 30min of Linguaphone
2015-02-28 Italian 120min of MichelThomas
2015-02-27 Italian 60min of Glossika
2015-02-27 Italian 120min of Linguaphone
2015-02-26 Italian 40min of Grammar
2015-02-26 Italian 45min of MichelThomas
2015-02-26 Italian 30min of Glossika
2015-02-24 Italian 168min of MichelThomas
2015-02-24 Italian 150min of Speaking
2015-02-24 Italian 180min of MichelThomas
2015-02-15 Italian 82min of TV
2015-02-14 Italian 20min of Duolingo
2015-02-13 Italian 93min of TV
2015-02-13 Italian 75min of Duolingo
2015-02-10 Italian 25min of Reading
2015-02-09 Italian 150min of MichelThomas
2015-02-09 Italian 40min of Anki
2015-02-09 Italian 32min of Glossika
2015-02-09 Italian 93min of Duolingo
2015-02-09 Italian 35min of Grammar
2015-02-09 Italian 45min of Duolingo
2015-02-08 Italian 85min of Grammar
2015-02-07 Italian 83min of MichelThomas
2015-02-07 Italian 20min of Grammar
2015-02-07 Italian 90min of TYBI
2015-02-07 Italian 75min of Duolingo
2015-02-06 Italian 45min of Duolingo
2015-02-06 Italian 22min of Anki
2015-02-06 Italian 25min of Anki
2015-02-06 Italian 15min of TYBI
2015-02-06 Italian 7min of MichelThomas
2015-02-05 Italian 15min of Duolingo
2015-02-04 Italian 60min of Grammar
2015-02-04 Italian 25min of Memrise
2015-02-04 Italian 20min of Lang8
2015-02-04 Italian 40min of Grammar
2015-02-03 Italian 50min of Duolingo
2015-02-03 Italian 25min of Anki
2015-02-03 Italian 45min of Duolingo
2015-02-03 Italian 45min of Glossika
2015-02-03 Italian 120min of TV
2015-02-03 Italian 108min of TV
2015-02-03 Italian 75min of Duolingo
2015-02-03 Italian 23min of TV
2015-02-03 Italian 20min of Anki
2015-02-02 Italian 60min of TV
2015-02-02 Italian 60min of Duolingo
2015-02-02 Italian 40min of TV
2015-02-02 Italian 30min of Anki
2015-02-02 Italian 10min of Anki
2015-02-02 Italian 50min of TV
2015-02-02 Italian 20min of Memrise
2015-02-02 Italian 30min of Duolingo
2015-02-02 Italian 50min of Grammar
2015-02-02 Italian 60min of TYBI
2015-02-02 Italian 30min of Assimil
2015-02-02 Italian 20min of Anki
2015-02-01 Italian 20min of Assimil
2015-02-01 Italian 50min of MichelThomas
2015-01-31 Italian 60min of Duolingo