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Study Time by Language

Description Minutes spent % of total
Georgian 442 (7h22) 100.0%

Log Entries

Date Language Description
2014-03-09 Georgian 35min of Anki
2014-03-09 Georgian 40min of Kiziria
2014-03-09 Georgian 35min of Kiziria
2014-03-09 Georgian 48min of Kiziria
2014-03-09 Georgian 20min of Anki
2014-03-06 Georgian 15min of Kiziria
2014-03-06 Georgian 12min of Kiziria
2014-03-06 Georgian 11min of Kiziria
2014-03-04 Georgian 7min of PeaceCorps
2014-03-02 Georgian 11min of Kiziria
2014-03-02 Georgian 6min of Kiziria
2014-02-28 Georgian 10min of Nikolaishvili
2014-02-28 Georgian 11min of Kiziria
2014-02-28 Georgian 1min of Akobia
2014-02-27 Georgian 29min of Kiziria
2014-02-27 Georgian 21min of Kiziria
2014-02-24 Georgian 15min of Kiziria
2014-02-22 Georgian 5min of Kiziria
2014-02-22 Georgian 5min of Kiziria
2014-02-22 Georgian 4min of Akobia
2014-02-15 Georgian 1min of GSD
2014-02-14 Georgian 30min of Imedi
2014-02-13 Georgian 15min of Anki
2014-02-10 Georgian 2min of CemiColisDaqalebi
2014-02-10 Georgian 23min of Anki
2014-02-10 Georgian 5min of Kiziria
2014-02-08 Georgian 5min of Kiziria
2014-02-02 Georgian 13min of Anki
2014-02-02 Georgian 3min of Kiziria
2014-02-01 Georgian 4min of Anki