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Study Time by Language

Description Minutes spent % of total
Spanish 1005 (16h45) Infinity%
Irish 708 (11h48) Infinity%
Russian 670 (11h10) Infinity%
German 641 (10h41) Infinity%
French 533 (8h53) Infinity%

Log Entries

Date Language Description
2015-05-09 Irish 708min of Linguaphone, Learning
2015-05-09 French 155min of
2015-05-09 German 211min of
2015-05-09 Spanish 221min of
2015-05-09 Spanish 505min of grammar, films, tv, music
2015-05-09 German 194min of reading, listening
2015-05-09 French 222min of reading, films, texting
2015-05-05 German 90min of readingfc
2015-05-05 Spanish 73min of TV
2015-05-05 Spanish 63min of grammar
2015-05-05 French 30min of readingfc
2015-05-05 Russian 182min of Assimil, Linguaphone
2015-05-03 Russian 30min of Linguaphone
2015-05-03 Spanish 49min of tv
2015-05-03 Spanish 26min of grammar
2015-05-03 Russian 17min of Assimil
2015-05-03 Russian 94min of Linguaphone
2015-05-02 French 10min of readingtownpei
2015-05-02 Russian 88min of Linguaphone, Assimil
2015-05-02 Russian 44min of TV
2015-05-02 French 35min of reading
2015-05-02 Russian 28min of Linguaphone
2015-05-02 French 20min of
2015-05-02 Spanish 16min of grammar
2015-05-02 German 60min of podcast
2015-05-02 French 41min of Tver
2015-05-01 Russian 31min of TV
2015-05-01 Russian 132min of Linguaphone
2015-05-01 Spanish 20min of grammar
2015-05-01 Spanish 32min of 32, reading
2015-05-01 Russian 24min of Assimil
2015-05-01 German 52min of reading
2015-05-01 French 20min of reading
2015-05-01 German 34min of podcast