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Study Time by Language

Description Minutes spent % of total
Chinese 7024 (117h4) 100.0%

Log Entries

Date Language Description
2013-03-15 Chinese 40min of book
2013-03-15 Chinese 18min of writing
2013-03-15 Chinese 40min of music
2013-03-15 Chinese 15min of writing
2013-03-14 Chinese 60min of writing
2013-03-14 Chinese 46min of book
2013-03-13 Chinese 30min of music
2013-03-13 Chinese 33min of writing
2013-03-13 Chinese 17min of writing
2013-03-13 Chinese 8min of music
2013-03-13 Chinese 5min of writing
2013-03-13 Chinese 41min of book
2013-03-13 Chinese 15min of music
2013-03-13 Chinese 8min of book
2013-03-12 Chinese 35min of music
2013-03-12 Chinese 20min of writing
2013-03-12 Chinese 22min of writing
2013-03-12 Chinese 25min of writing
2013-03-12 Chinese 27min of writing
2013-03-12 Chinese 30min of writing
2013-03-12 Chinese 22min of writing
2013-03-12 Chinese 37min of writing
2013-03-12 Chinese 15min of writing
2013-03-11 Chinese 40min of writing
2013-03-11 Chinese 24min of writing
2013-03-11 Chinese 5min of writing
2013-03-11 Chinese 20min of writing
2013-03-11 Chinese 30min of music, writing
2013-03-11 Chinese 46min of writing
2013-03-11 Chinese 35min of writing
2013-03-11 Chinese 72min of writting
2013-03-10 Chinese 8min of music
2013-03-10 Chinese 46min of music
2013-03-10 Chinese 8min of writing, music
2013-03-10 Chinese 32min of book
2013-03-10 Chinese 6min of music
2013-03-10 Chinese 44min of book
2013-03-10 Chinese 18min of appledaily
2013-03-09 Chinese 5min of flashcard
2013-03-09 Chinese 182min of book
2013-03-09 Chinese 39min of appledaily
2013-03-09 Chinese 14min of solidot
2013-03-08 Chinese 10min of appledaily
2013-03-07 Chinese 10min of music
2013-03-07 Chinese 60min of music
2013-03-06 Chinese 48min of music
2013-03-06 Chinese 10min of book
2013-03-05 Chinese 59min of book
2013-03-05 Chinese 136min of book
2013-03-05 Chinese 15min of music
2013-03-04 Chinese 9min of book
2013-03-04 Chinese 36min of music
2013-03-04 Chinese 32min of appleDaily
2013-03-03 Chinese 45min of book
2013-03-03 Chinese 22min of reading
2013-03-03 Chinese 13min of appledaily
2013-03-03 Chinese 118min of
2013-03-02 Chinese 58min of book
2013-03-02 Chinese 15min of TV
2013-03-02 Chinese 72min of TV
2013-03-02 Chinese 39min of book
2013-03-02 Chinese 17min of douban
2013-03-02 Chinese 45min of movie
2013-03-02 Chinese 30min of book
2013-03-01 Chinese 41min of book
2013-03-01 Chinese 92min of book
2013-02-28 Chinese 23min of book
2013-02-28 Chinese 8min of appledaily
2013-02-28 Chinese 53min of book
2013-02-28 Chinese 32min of TV
2013-02-27 Chinese 45min of book
2013-02-27 Chinese 19min of book
2013-02-27 Chinese 43min of book
2013-02-27 Chinese 60min of TV
2013-02-26 Chinese 72min of TV
2013-02-26 Chinese 10min of music
2013-02-26 Chinese 26min of book
2013-02-26 Chinese 40min of music
2013-02-26 Chinese 46min of book
2013-02-25 Chinese 28min of book
2013-02-25 Chinese 5min of book
2013-02-25 Chinese 67min of book
2013-02-24 Chinese 104min of book
2013-02-23 Chinese 30min of music
2013-02-22 Chinese 30min of TV
2013-02-22 Chinese 50min of music
2013-02-22 Chinese 50min of reading
2013-02-22 Chinese 50min of music
2013-02-22 Chinese 8min of music
2013-02-21 Chinese 60min of music
2013-02-21 Chinese 30min of TV
2013-02-21 Chinese 20min of book
2013-02-21 Chinese 50min of music
2013-02-20 Chinese 30min of TV
2013-02-19 Chinese 60min of
2013-02-19 Chinese 60min of book
2013-02-19 Chinese 20min of wikipedia
2013-02-19 Chinese 25min of
2013-02-19 Chinese 61min of book
2013-02-19 Chinese 16min of book
2013-02-18 Chinese 59min of book
2013-02-18 Chinese 25min of TV
2013-02-17 Chinese 98min of TV
2013-02-17 Chinese 28min of book
2013-02-16 Chinese 67min of book
2013-02-16 Chinese 64min of book
2013-02-16 Chinese 47min of book
2013-02-16 Chinese 49min of book
2013-02-16 Chinese 88min of book
2013-02-16 Chinese 123min of book
2013-02-15 Chinese 40min of book
2013-02-15 Chinese 47min of book
2013-02-15 Chinese 111min of book
2013-02-14 Chinese 58min of book
2013-02-14 Chinese 34min of book, solidot
2013-02-14 Chinese 28min of book
2013-02-13 Chinese 30min of book
2013-02-13 Chinese 34min of book
2013-02-13 Chinese 60min of book, solidot
2013-02-13 Chinese 62min of book
2013-02-12 Chinese 40min of book, flashcard
2013-02-12 Chinese 64min of book
2013-02-12 Chinese 30min of book
2013-02-12 Chinese 45min of movie
2013-02-11 Chinese 50min of book, solidot
2013-02-11 Chinese 50min of book
2013-02-11 Chinese 11min of solidot
2013-02-11 Chinese 30min of sharedtalk
2013-02-11 Chinese 47min of book, solidot
2013-02-11 Chinese 36min of book
2013-02-10 Chinese 42min of book
2013-02-10 Chinese 25min of book
2013-02-10 Chinese 34min of book
2013-02-10 Chinese 30min of book
2013-02-10 Chinese 60min of movie
2013-02-10 Chinese 20min of flashcard
2013-02-10 Chinese 60min of book
2013-02-09 Chinese 60min of book
2013-02-08 Chinese 14min of solidot
2013-02-08 Chinese 100min of book
2013-02-07 Chinese 134min of book
2013-02-07 Chinese 45min of
2013-02-06 Chinese 121min of book, solidot
2013-02-06 Chinese 8min of douban
2013-02-06 Chinese 15min of movie
2013-02-05 Chinese 30min of movie
2013-02-05 Chinese 45min of movie
2013-02-05 Chinese 45min of book
2013-02-05 Chinese 32min of book
2013-02-04 Chinese 12min of appledaily
2013-02-04 Chinese 63min of book
2013-02-04 Chinese 10min of douban
2013-02-04 Chinese 37min of book
2013-02-04 Chinese 40min of movie
2013-02-04 Chinese 55min of book
2013-02-03 Chinese 11min of wechat
2013-02-03 Chinese 25min of movie
2013-02-03 Chinese 34min of Wikipedia
2013-02-03 Chinese 14min of solidot
2013-02-03 Chinese 20min of solidot, eschatology
2013-02-03 Chinese 30min of book
2013-02-02 Chinese 25min of book
2013-02-02 Chinese 68min of video
2013-02-02 Chinese 4min of
2013-02-02 Chinese 30min of wikipedia
2013-02-02 Chinese 23min of book
2013-02-02 Chinese 21min of book
2013-02-02 Chinese 27min of book
2013-02-02 Chinese 14min of wechat
2013-02-02 Chinese 24min of solidot
2013-02-02 Chinese 15min of wechat
2013-02-02 Chinese 50min of sharedtalk
2013-02-02 Chinese 15min of solidot
2013-02-02 Chinese 22min of solidot
2013-02-02 Chinese 22min of solidot
2013-02-01 Chinese 20min of livemocha
2013-02-01 Chinese 32min of
2013-02-01 Chinese 80min of livemocha
2013-02-01 Chinese 60min of