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Study Time by Language

Description Minutes spent % of total
Russian 2185 (36h25) 100.0%

Log Entries

Date Language Description
2012-03-13 Russian 27min of Anki, Assimil
2012-03-12 Russian 15min of Assimil
2012-03-12 Russian 15min of Anki
2012-03-10 Russian 90min of Colloquial
2012-03-10 Russian 15min of Anki
2012-03-10 Russian 18min of Anki
2012-03-10 Russian 15min of Assimil
2012-03-09 Russian 10min of Anki
2012-03-08 Russian 90min of Class, Ruslan
2012-03-08 Russian 15min of WritingLetters, Interpals
2012-03-08 Russian 30min of TeachYourself
2012-03-08 Russian 15min of Anki
2012-03-08 Russian 15min of Assimil
2012-03-07 Russian 30min of Anki
2012-03-07 Russian 15min of Interpals
2012-03-04 Russian 50min of TeachYourself, Anki, WritingLetters
2012-03-01 Russian 40min of Putin, Ruslan1, listening, documentary
2012-03-01 Russian 15min of Anki, Ruslan
2012-02-29 Russian 100min of Anki, ColloquialRussian
2012-02-28 Russian 15min of Anki
2012-02-28 Russian 10min of Anki
2012-02-28 Russian 45min of Anki, Colloquial
2012-02-28 Russian 60min of TeachYourself, Anki
2012-02-25 Russian 60min of TeachYourself, Anki
2012-02-23 Russian 25min of Documentary, Putinandthewest
2012-02-22 Russian 90min of Colloquial
2012-02-22 Russian 30min of Ruslan, whoiam
2012-02-22 Russian 110min of RussianClass, Dictionary, TeachYourself
2012-02-21 Russian 60min of Anki, fuckingmouse
2012-02-20 Russian 60min of TeachYourself
2012-02-20 Russian 30min of Anki
2012-02-19 Russian 5min of Anki
2012-02-16 Russian 90min of Class, Ruslan
2012-02-16 Russian 20min of documentary
2012-02-16 Russian 100min of Colloquial
2012-02-13 Russian 100min of Anki, TeachYourself
2012-02-12 Russian 30min of Ruslan
2012-02-10 Russian 100min of Colloquial, Anki
2012-02-10 Russian 7min of Anki
2012-02-09 Russian 25min of anki
2012-02-09 Russian 90min of class
2012-02-08 Russian 6min of anki
2012-02-08 Russian 45min of TeachYourself
2012-02-07 Russian 10min of Ruslan
2012-02-05 Russian 60min of Colloquial
2012-02-05 Russian 15min of Anki
2012-02-04 Russian 20min of Ruslan1
2012-02-04 Russian 20min of TeachYourself
2012-02-04 Russian 7min of Anki
2012-02-03 Russian 20min of Anki
2012-02-03 Russian 5min of Anki
2012-02-03 Russian 60min of TeachYourself
2012-02-02 Russian 5min of Anki
2012-02-02 Russian 40min of Colloquial
2012-02-01 Russian 90min of class