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Study Time by Language

Description Minutes spent % of total
French 1603 (26h43) 100.0%

Log Entries

Date Language Description
2017-11-14 French 132min of Book
2017-11-14 French 119min of Tutor
2017-11-14 French 74min of Devoirs
2017-11-12 French 72min of Book
2017-11-10 French 86min of Assimil
2017-11-10 French 89min of Book
2017-11-09 French 77min of Book
2017-11-08 French 21min of Glossika
2017-11-08 French 122min of Tutor
2017-11-08 French 47min of Book
2017-11-08 French 72min of mooc
2017-11-08 French 46min of Reading
2017-11-07 French 87min of Reading
2017-11-07 French 93min of Book
2017-11-05 French 83min of Book
2017-11-03 French 91min of Reading
2017-11-03 French 22min of Book
2017-11-02 French 58min of Assimil
2017-11-02 French 94min of Reading
2017-11-02 French 19min of Glossika
2017-11-01 French 57min of Assimil
2017-11-01 French 42min of Glossika