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Study Time by Language

Description Minutes spent % of total
Chinese 3552 (59h12) 100.0%

Log Entries

Date Language Description
2021-06-10 Chinese 33min of duolingo
2021-06-09 Chinese 59min of duolingo
2021-06-09 Chinese 43min of duolingo
2021-06-08 Chinese 23min of duolingo
2021-06-07 Chinese 30min of duolingo
2021-06-03 Chinese 65min of duolingo
2021-06-02 Chinese 17min of duolingo
2021-06-01 Chinese 20min of duolingo
2021-05-31 Chinese 152min of duolingo
2021-05-30 Chinese 95min of duolingo
2021-05-29 Chinese 53min of review
2021-05-29 Chinese 103min of cfu
2021-05-28 Chinese 37min of cfu
2021-05-27 Chinese 92min of cfu
2021-05-26 Chinese 68min of cfu
2021-05-20 Chinese 28min of cfu
2021-05-19 Chinese 74min of cfu
2021-05-18 Chinese 47min of cfu
2021-05-17 Chinese 215min of cfu
2021-05-16 Chinese 20min of cfu
2021-05-15 Chinese 63min of cfu
2021-05-15 Chinese 140min of cfu
2021-05-14 Chinese 43min of cfu
2021-05-13 Chinese 118min of cfu
2021-05-13 Chinese 52min of pimsleur
2021-05-12 Chinese 122min of pimsleur
2021-05-11 Chinese 80min of cfu
2021-05-10 Chinese 17min of cfu
2021-05-09 Chinese 101min of cfu
2021-05-09 Chinese 145min of cfu
2021-05-08 Chinese 6min of duolingo
2021-05-08 Chinese 143min of duolingo
2021-05-07 Chinese 125min of duolingo
2021-05-06 Chinese 108min of duolingo
2021-05-05 Chinese 125min of cfu
2021-05-04 Chinese 180min of cfu
2021-05-04 Chinese 71min of pimsleur
2021-05-04 Chinese 97min of cfu
2021-05-03 Chinese 63min of duolingo
2021-05-02 Chinese 109min of duolingo
2021-05-02 Chinese 68min of duolingo
2021-05-02 Chinese 106min of pimsleur
2021-05-02 Chinese 55min of cfu
2021-05-01 Chinese 141min of cfu