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Study Time by Language

Description Minutes spent % of total
Japanese 2364 (39h24) 100.0%

Log Entries

Date Language Description
2014-12-10 Japanese 30min of textbook Kinki Japaneseを読んや。
2014-12-10 Japanese 30min of readingpractice, manga Cielを読んや。
2014-12-08 Japanese 40min of readingpractice, manga Cielを読んや。
2014-12-08 Japanese 20min of StickyStudy
2014-12-06 Japanese 28min of Anki
2014-12-06 Japanese 22min of readingpractice, manga Cielを読んや。
2014-12-06 Japanese 26min of listeningpractice, anime
2014-12-04 Japanese 18min of listeningpractice
2014-11-26 Japanese 30min of textbook
2014-11-26 Japanese 30min of listeningpractice, visualnovel
2014-11-24 Japanese 50min of textbook
2014-11-23 Japanese 10min of listeningpractice, visualnovel
2014-11-23 Japanese 11min of StickyStudy
2014-11-22 Japanese 10min of readingpractice
2014-11-22 Japanese 40min of textbook
2014-11-22 Japanese 42min of Anki
2014-11-22 Japanese 67min of StickyStudy
2014-11-21 Japanese 30min of readingpractice, visualnovel
2014-11-21 Japanese 71min of Anki
2014-11-20 Japanese 115min of listeningpractice, visualnovel
2014-11-20 Japanese 43min of Anki
2014-11-19 Japanese 77min of listeningpractice, anime
2014-11-18 Japanese 24min of StickyStudy
2014-11-18 Japanese 10min of readingpractice, manga
2014-11-18 Japanese 35min of writting
2014-11-17 Japanese 27min of listeningpractice, anime
2014-11-17 Japanese 6min of readingpractice, manga
2014-11-17 Japanese 65min of StickyStudy
2014-11-16 Japanese 28min of textbook
2014-11-16 Japanese 54min of listeningpractice, anime
2014-11-15 Japanese 88min of Anki
2014-11-15 Japanese 24min of listeningpractice, anime
2014-11-14 Japanese 10min of readingpractice
2014-11-14 Japanese 28min of Anki
2014-11-13 Japanese 45min of Anki
2014-11-13 Japanese 28min of listeningpractice, anime
2014-11-12 Japanese 73min of Anki
2014-11-11 Japanese 20min of readingpractice
2014-11-11 Japanese 72min of Anki
2014-11-10 Japanese 20min of videooraudiocourse
2014-11-10 Japanese 46min of listeningpractice, Anime
2014-11-09 Japanese 15min of videooraudiocourse
2014-11-09 Japanese 52min of readingpractice
2014-11-08 Japanese 10min of readingpractice
2014-11-08 Japanese 5min of readingpractice
2014-11-08 Japanese 60min of Anki
2014-11-07 Japanese 61min of Anki
2014-11-06 Japanese 66min of Anki
2014-11-06 Japanese 26min of textbook
2014-11-05 Japanese 70min of listeningpractice, movie
2014-11-05 Japanese 13min of listeningpractice, movie
2014-11-04 Japanese 8min of readingpractice, manga
2014-11-04 Japanese 95min of Anki
2014-11-04 Japanese 16min of podcast, music
2014-11-03 Japanese 135min of readingpractice, Anki
2014-11-03 Japanese 13min of readingpractice
2014-11-03 Japanese 73min of Anki
2014-11-03 Japanese 25min of readingpractice, rikaichan, tagainijisho
2014-11-03 Japanese 13min of readinpractice
2014-11-02 Japanese 65min of Anki