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Study Time by Language

Description Minutes spent % of total
Spanish 2375 (39h35) 100.0%

Log Entries

Date Language Description
2018-09-10 Spanish 25min of reading
2018-09-10 Spanish 50min of listening_radio
2018-09-10 Spanish 327min of listening_video
2018-08-31 Spanish 338min of listening_video
2018-08-31 Spanish 75min of reading
2018-08-21 Spanish 120min of reading
2018-08-21 Spanish 45min of listening_podcasts
2018-08-21 Spanish 300min of listening_video
2018-08-21 Spanish 20min of grammar
2018-08-15 Spanish 60min of listening_podcasts
2018-08-15 Spanish 240min of listening_video
2018-08-15 Spanish 90min of grammar
2018-08-07 Spanish 90min of reading
2018-08-07 Spanish 120min of listening_video
2018-08-07 Spanish 60min of listening_podcasts
2018-08-07 Spanish 60min of grammar
2018-08-04 Spanish 150min of listening_podcasts
2018-08-04 Spanish 30min of reading
2018-08-04 Spanish 50min of grammar
2018-08-04 Spanish 60min of listening_video
2018-08-02 Spanish 20min of listening_video
2018-08-01 Spanish 45min of listening_podcasts