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Study Time by Language

Description Minutes spent % of total
Norwegian 1086 (18h6) 100.0%

Log Entries

Date Language Description
2013-09-08 Norwegian 72min of teachyourself
2013-09-06 Norwegian 18min of memrise
2013-09-04 Norwegian 40min of teachyourself
2013-09-03 Norwegian 30min of teachyourself
2013-09-02 Norwegian 38min of teachyourself
2013-09-01 Norwegian 28min of NoW
2013-09-01 Norwegian 58min of NoW
2013-08-29 Norwegian 10min of memrise
2013-08-29 Norwegian 30min of onlinereading
2013-08-12 Norwegian 26min of memrise
2013-08-10 Norwegian 28min of pimsleur
2013-08-09 Norwegian 28min of pimsleur
2013-08-09 Norwegian 18min of n10mad
2013-08-08 Norwegian 28min of pimsleur
2013-08-08 Norwegian 51min of nitm
2013-08-08 Norwegian 35min of nitm
2013-08-07 Norwegian 16min of memrise
2013-08-07 Norwegian 28min of pimsleur
2013-08-06 Norwegian 83min of colloquial
2013-08-06 Norwegian 34min of påvei
2013-08-06 Norwegian 34min of memrise
2013-08-05 Norwegian 30min of memrise
2013-08-05 Norwegian 27min of pimsleur
2013-08-04 Norwegian 30min of memrise
2013-08-03 Norwegian 27min of pimsleur
2013-08-03 Norwegian 30min of memrise
2013-08-02 Norwegian 37min of teachyourself
2013-08-02 Norwegian 27min of pimsleur
2013-08-02 Norwegian 30min of memrise
2013-08-02 Norwegian 32min of memrise
2013-08-02 Norwegian 23min of memrise
2013-08-01 Norwegian 60min of colloquial