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Study Time by Language

Description Minutes spent % of total
German 231 (3h51) 100.0%

Log Entries

Date Language Description
2018-08-25 German 7min of phone
2018-08-25 German 2min of memcode
2018-08-25 German 8min of grammar
2018-08-14 German 20min of duolingo
2018-08-13 German 23min of grammar
2018-08-12 German 9min of memcode
2018-08-12 German 19min of grammar
2018-08-12 German 14min of duolingo
2018-08-12 German 15min of memcode
2018-08-11 German 20min of duolingo
2018-08-10 German 15min of duolingo
2018-08-10 German 14min of duolingo
2018-08-10 German 15min of grammar
2018-08-10 German 8min of grammar
2018-08-03 German 6min of duolingo
2018-08-03 German 7min of grammar
2018-08-03 German 14min of grammar
2018-08-03 German 15min of duolingo