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Study Time by Language

Description Minutes spent % of total
Malayalam 1300 (21h40) 100.0%

Log Entries

Date Language Description
2024-02-21 Malayalam 120min of Class, Reading, Writing
2024-02-18 Malayalam 130min of Listening
2024-02-18 Malayalam 120min of Reading, Writing, Class
2024-02-17 Malayalam 60min of Writing, Grammar, HW
2024-02-15 Malayalam 30min of Listening, Writing
AMpodcast, he
2024-02-14 Malayalam 89min of Textbook, Writing, Grammar
2024-02-14 Malayalam 30min of Class
2024-02-12 Malayalam 15min of AMpodcast, Listening
2024-02-11 Malayalam 50min of Listening
2024-02-11 Malayalam 90min of Class, Writing
2024-02-10 Malayalam 150min of Homework, Vocabulary, Writing, Grammar, Reading, Listening
2024-02-09 Malayalam 9min of Listening
2024-02-08 Malayalam 17min of AMpodcast, Writing
Am podcast 6min, writing 10min
2024-02-07 Malayalam 150min of Vocabulary, Writing
2024-02-07 Malayalam 15min of AMpodcast
15 podcast
2024-02-05 Malayalam 20min of Writing, AM podcast
5 min am, 15 min writing
2024-02-05 Malayalam 16min of Writing
2024-02-04 Malayalam 60min of Class
2024-02-03 Malayalam 40min of Class
2024-02-03 Malayalam 75min of Class, Grammar
30 class; 45hw
2024-02-01 Malayalam 14min of AMpodcast