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Study Time by Language

Description Minutes spent % of total
Greek 206 (3h26) 52.82%
Spanish 161 (2h41) 41.28%
Portuguese 23 (0h23) 5.9%

Log Entries

Date Language Description
2024-02-22 Greek 15min of Writing, Listening, Vocabulary
2024-02-18 Spanish 40min of Listening, Vocabulary
2024-02-17 Greek 25min of Pronunciation, Reading, Listening
2024-02-16 Greek 15min of Vocabulary, Listening
2024-02-15 Greek 26min of Vocabulary, Reading, Listening, Pronunciation
2024-02-14 Greek 30min of Listening, Pronunciation, Writing
2024-02-13 Greek 35min of Writing, Vocabulary, Listening
2024-02-12 Greek 20min of Vocabulary, Writing, Pronunciation
2024-02-11 Portuguese 10min of Pronunciation
2024-02-11 Spanish 23min of Textbook, Reading, Vocabulary
2024-02-10 Spanish 19min of Listening, Reading
2024-02-09 Spanish 10min of Writing, Vocabulary, Reading
2024-02-09 Greek 20min of Writing, Vocabulary, Reading
2024-02-07 Spanish 20min of Reading, Writing, Listening
2024-02-04 Spanish 19min of Writing, Reading
2024-02-04 Portuguese 13min of Listening, Writing, Reading
2024-02-03 Spanish 30min of Reading, Writing
Need more focus
2024-02-01 Greek 20min of Writing, Pronunciation
I need to plan myself better